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[To subscriber] Apology -2/10.11 About the impact on delivery due to snowfall

Thank you very much for your favorite reading.

On February 10 (Fri), it is expected that snowfall is expected to be a wide area in the Kanto region.

Depending on the amount of snowfall, the road conditions may worsen (such as freezing roads), and it is expected that newspapers will be significantly delayed or cannot be delivered.

The delivery that is expected to be delayed is as follows.

* The delay time may fluctuate depending on the road conditions.

February 10th (Fri) evening edition

Up to an hour delay than usual

February 11th (Sat) morning edition

Up to 2 hours delay than usual

On the 11th, it will be a holiday for "evening delivery delivery".

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience to the subscribers.

We will be the staff together and deliver it carefully with safety first, so thank you for your understanding.

Also, if you have any problems because the newspapers delivered due to snow and rain are wet, please feel free to contact ASA Jiyugaoka.

[Telephone] 03-3717-5957

ASA Jiyugaoka

CEO Toshikazu Sasaki


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