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Free trial reading

"Smartphone pouch" gift campaign

You can always get a smartphone pouch and a Doraemon piggy bank!
Get a free trial reading smartphone pouch ASA Jiyugaoka

Campaign number (4007)

body size :Approximately 13.5 x 2 x 21 cm (strap length/approximately 120 cm)
Material: Polyester (PVC coating), polypropylene, polyacetal


"Pocket bottle" gift campaign

You can always get a pocket bottle & Doraemon piggy bank!
Pocket bottle

Campaign number (1020)

*Vacuum double structure

body size :4.5 cm x 13.2 cm
Material: Body: Stainless steel Lid: Polypropylene Packing: Silicone rubber


Trial reading is available at ASA Jiyugaoka. Deliver your desired 3 papers for free for a week!

  • Trial reading is free.

  • You are not obligated to enter into a contract after completing the trial reading.

  • Issues that are issued once a week will be delivered once.

  • ​ The campaign with gifts is unique to ASA areaPlease check   before applying.

  • ​To find an ASA near youhere

▼ Currently running campaign

▼Brands you can try *For newspapers and magazines not listed below, please enter them in the notes section of the application form. *There are some papers and magazines that are not available for trial reading. Please note. ・Asahi Shimbun (morning and evening edition) ・Asahi Elementary School Newspaper ・Asaichi High School Newspaper ・Nikkan Sports ・The Japan Times ・The New York Times ・The New York Times Weekend Edition ・The Japan Times Alpha ・Asahi Weekly ・Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun ・Senken Newspaper ・Sankei Shimbun ・Sankei Sports

Let's enjoy the newspaper while checking "Ichi push articles" on Twitter!

Asahi Shimbun morning edition "Today's best push" @asahi_ICHIOSHI

Highly recommended_icon_02.jpg
Recommended Twitter account

Tweeted the article "Today's best push" from the morning edition of the Asahi Shimbun.
<I want to know today's featured articles> <I'm subscribed but I don't have time to read> <I want my child to read current news> <I want to read articles of interest> Especially recommended for people like this!
If you have an article that interests you, you can purchase one copy of the newspaper issued on the day at a convenience store!

\ Plenty of trial period is 1 week /

* Delivery may start the day after the desired date.

* In the case of weekly publication, the latest issue or back number will be delivered once.

Feel free to apply by phone.


“Asahi Shimbun study method taught by Akihiro Shimizu”
Bn_Asahi Shimbun is strong for entrance exams2023_square.jpg
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