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Folding and delivery to other stores

 Ordering of Orikomi until ASA Jiyugaoka!

For 3,630 yen (tax included) , you can advertise the orikomi to 1,000 houses!

cheap inserts

We accept design (separately) , printing, and orikomi.
You can also orikomi it in newspapers of other brands.
(Delivery agency)

Do you have such a problem?

 Folded delivery​ I want to keep costs down 
I want to increase the number of local customers!
I want to advertise / promote, but I'm worried about my budget 
Even if you orikomi so far, it has no effect 
I want to promote the classroom to the local people 

Solved by orikomi a newspaper!

 Please leave delivery to other stores 
Narrow down the desired area and orikomi 
We offer light printing at a low price 
We propose the best schedule for the orikomi date 
Feel free to start from 300 


It's okay to make a sudden orikomi!


Please bring the leaflet at least 2 days before the scheduled orikomi date.

Light printing + orikomi

Please bring the print data as a PDF at least 4 days before the scheduled orikomi date.

  • Light printing is two-color printing (red and black).

  • The compatible paper for light printing is A4 or B4.

  • This does not apply if you request a specific form.



Orikomi fee

¥ 2.7
¥ 3.3
¥ 3.3
¥ 4.5
  • It is a charge for orikomi and distributing in newspapers.

  • The size of the orikomi is the size when the folded leaflet is unfolded.

  • Fold the size of A3 or larger to the size of B4 or smaller.

  • Notation excluding tax

Light printing fee


¥ 2.0


¥ 2.0


¥ 2.5

  • It is a charge for printing a leaflet. (Paper fee + fee per sheet)

  • This is the charge when you bring the manuscript data.

  • Notation excluding tax

Trial 1,000 sheets orikomi course

Orikomi only

3,630 yen (tax included)

Light printing + orikomi

6,380 yen (tax included)

* Bringing in manuscripts, B4 size charges

5,000 sheets course for all areas

orikomi only

18,150 yen (tax included)

Light printing + orikomi

31,900 yen (tax included)

* Bringing in manuscripts, B4 size charges

If you are not a designated (authorized) contractor, please bring it in by 8:00 pm, the day before the desired insertion date.

Distribution may be refused based on the " ASA Newspaper Insertion Advertising Standards".

ASA Jiyugaoka considers the social impact of advertising inserts and does not handle advertising that falls under the following categories: 1. Items that violate or may violate relevant laws and regulations. 2. Responsibility and content are unclear. 3. False statements or unclear expressions that may lead to misunderstanding. 4. Use of another person's name or photo without permission. 5. Expressions that significantly encourage speculation or gambling. 6. Anything that is fraudulent or that is considered to be a so-called bad business practice. 7. Items that are unscientific or superstitious and may confuse or cause anxiety to consumers. 8. Items that may cause discrimination, defamation, invasion of privacy, destruction of trust, or interference with business. 9. Items with the following expressions that disrupt social order: (1) Contents that use sentimental text, photographs, or designs that are considered harmful to young people. (2) Items that may disrupt public morals or induce crime. (3) Contents that express extreme principles regarding political issues. (4) Items that the ASA deems to be inappropriate, such as advertisements that violate the social mission of newspapers or that damage public dignity.




We also accept designs for original leaflets.
Please feel free to contact us!

Fundraising activities

At ASA Jiyugaoka, we are working on fund-raising activities as "all the purchasers of ASA Jiyugaoka" to the Asahi Shimbun Welfare Culture Corporation. Funds are collected from the sales of goods that customers purchase on a daily basis.

We will continue to strive to contribute to society and the community in various ways.

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