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Asahi Scholarship

We support scholarship students

Asahi Scholarship Society

Unnecessary repayment of scholarship

9 other points to recommend


Library card

Present up to 50,000 yen


Qualification acquisition cost



The cost of teaching materials is paid

Only Asahi!


Among the newspaper scholarship system

Top-level scholarships


Easy to be compatible with schoolwork

4 weeks 6 holidays


all rooms

Shower room available


If the tuition fee is less than the minimum scholarship payment

Payment of difference at graduation


Every six months after the second year

Provide scholarship


With a compact area and promotion of automatic withdrawal

Smooth delivery and collection


Nighttime and communication are also welcome!

Same system as daytime for both scholarships and loans



Provide benefit-type scholarships

The Asahi Scholarship System is a support system for attending universities, junior colleges, specialized / miscellaneous schools, and preparatory schools with scholarships that do not require repayment while working at ASA (Asahi Shimbun Sales Office) for delivery of morning and evening editions.

In addition, we will comprehensively support your future by providing monthly salary, special allowance twice a year, and free accommodation.

* Operated by "Newspaper Sales Employee Mutual Aid Association".

A total of more than 94,000 people have come from the Asahi Scholarship Society, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

The track record of sending out numerous scholarship students will support your dream come true.

No scholarship repayment is required for the Asahi Scholarship Society !

So you can save or invest in yourself !

The Asahi Scholarship Society provides monthly salaries in addition to benefit-type scholarships.

In addition, the room charge is free, so you can lead an economically stable student life.

Three points for the Asahi Scholarship Society to be selected

Life of scholarship student

Introducing the daily flow of scholarship students, work contents, events, etc.!

Document request

Get the Asahi Scholarship Student Guidebook by requesting materials!

The Asahi Scholarship Society will send the "Asahi Scholarship System Guidebook" to those who wish.

Participate in briefing sessions to eliminate anxiety

You can directly receive detailed explanations and advice about the Asahi scholarship system, the content of your work, and whether or not you want to go to a school or faculty.

You can apply for membership from the WEB

The application form can be downloaded from the Asahi Scholarship Society official website.


Frequently asked questions from application to scholarship life are summarized on the Asahi Scholarship Society website. Please refer to it before making inquiries.


Contact information for the Asahi Scholarship Society.

If you have any questions, please contact us at the following.

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