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Area special treatment plan / product catalog

Air conditioner cleaning summer 2020

\ Regional lowest price /

Air conditioner cleaning


Usually 12,000 yen per car is what!

6,500Yen (tax included)

★ 6,000 yen for exceptional roots from the second unit ★

Seiken Co., Ltd., which provides comfortable living services to readers of the Asahi Shimbun in Meguro-ku, Ota-ku, and Setagaya-ku, is in charge of the work. 

About fees

  1. Available for 6,500 yen per unit (tax included)

  2. We accept from the second unit for 6,000 yen per unit (tax included)

  3. Please hand the payment to the staff after the work is completed.


  1. Please note that we will rent a bathroom to remove the cover and clean it.

  2. Models subject to air conditioning are household wall-mounted type (width 90 cm or less) indoor units.

  3. Commercial use, ceiling and wall-filled types will be quoted separately. (free)

  4. It usually takes about 45 minutes for each unit.

  5. Not only readers, but also those who live in "Jiyugaoka / Okusawa / Tokyo Metropolitan University / Komazawa / Ookayama area" can apply.

  6. In the case of an air conditioner with automatic filter cleaning, an additional charge (additional charge of 4,000 to 5,000 yen per unit)

  7. If there is no parking space around your home, you may use coin parking. At that time, the actual cost of the parking lot will be borne by the customer. Please note.


Blessings of Kochi Imo-Kenpi ~Special Choice~

Imo Kenpi

​Value pack 200g x 3 bags (2022 renewal)

990Yen (tax included)

330 yen per bag.

We accept orders from 3 bags or more.

* Due to the impact of soaring prices, the price and content have been revised.


In case of disaster/emergency

disaster toilet set


Can be stored for a long time for 10 years

10 times per box (per person, about 3 days)​ )

1 box

1,800 yen (tax included)

3 box set

5,000 yen (tax included)

5 box set

8,200 yen (tax included)


Kagoshima Organic Mulberry Tea

Ultra fine powder 1 bag 50g

850Yen (tax included)

★​​ Recommended for people like this

  • Those who are worried about sugar

  • Those who work hard on a diet

  • Those who are worried about health examination

  • ​ Those with an unbalanced diet


ASAKE Club Newsletter No.1

​Enjoy a variety of sake that changes monthly

1 bottle 720mL ~

From 1,500 yen (tax included)

Newsletter No.1 (Deadline: 2023.12.24)

Tax included and shipping fee 500 yen per delivery address. 720mL except for (2) (2) is 500mL

(1) Toyonoume 1,950 yen (2) guruguru 1,850 yen (3) Tenkei Blue Bottle 2,100 yen

(4) Hinodeno Ikioimasamune 1,700 yen (5) Hanaippu 1,850 yen

Underage drinking is prohibited by law.

ASA Jiyugaoka does not sell alcoholic beverages to minors.

If the product you ordered cannot be secured due to being out of stock, being discontinued, or being discontinued, we may cancel your order.

Please note.


Easy! just put

tick sheet

Large board size (15 cm x 20 cm)

1,800Yen (tax included)

10 pieces

5 pieces

​Invite ticks and don't let them escape!

​ The effect lasts for about 3 months after opening!

3,300Yen (tax included)

How to use the point card

  1. Apply by phone, WEB, or at the store to ASA Jiyugaoka.

  2. Please show the point card on the back of the catalog when you deliver the product. The staff will stamp it.

  3. If you collect 10 points, you will get 500 yen off from your next shopping.


* One point will be awarded for each purchase, regardless of the number of purchases.

* If you do not have a catalog, please contact us when ordering. We will bring it with you when we deliver the new catalog.

★ ASA Jiyugaoka regular reader benefits ★​

Get 2 points for every purchase!

LINE Asahi Points
ASA Jiyugaoka LINE shop card

Earn 10 points and get a 500 yen OFF coupon that can be used for product sales!

Asahi point image image.png

How to earn points

❶ Limited to the first time! Shop card additional bonus 2pt

Scan the above QR code for adding a shop card with your smartphone's camera. If you add a card for the first time now, you will receive a 2pt gift!

ASA Jiyugaoka LINE Coupon

❷ Earn 2 points every time you purchase a product!

2 points will be given by the visiting ASA staff when you come to collect the money for the merchandise.

Even if you are using a shop card for the first time at the timing of product sales purchases, etc., 2pt of additional shop card benefits will be automatically given.

4pt will be given for the first time!

● Can be used with a paper-type point card!

The LINE Shop Card can be used together with the paper-type point card attached to the ASA Jiyugaoka product catalog.

However, points can only be awarded for paper type or LINE shop cards. In addition, accumulated points cannot be combined, so we recommend that you present the person who has accumulated more points.

Asahi point image image.png


The use of points and coupons is limited to the following.

Newspaper subscription fees (monthly/1 copy purchase) and book purchases are not covered. Please note.

Reader appreciation project (product sales and services) / Regional support project (product sales) / ASA Toku online store / Other product sales services

Coupons can be used together. If you have multiple issued coupons, you can combine them and use them. (Example: 500 yen OFF x 2 coupons = 1,000 yen OFF) *Coupons have no expiration date.

Points can be awarded and coupons can be used for purchases from the ASA Toku Online Store. If you paid by credit card, please present the coupon when the product is delivered, and we will refund the amount of the coupon used.