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[ASA Jiyugaoka / Area Special Offer Plan] Product Order Form

Orderer information and delivery address

  • If the address and delivery address are the same, you do not need to enter it.

  • The delivery address is limited to the delivery area corresponding to the area special treatment plan. Click here for delivery area

Order details

If the replacement product cannot be secured due to being out of stock, discontinued, or discontinued, we may cancel your order.

■ Products that can be ordered

​ *All prices include tax

1. Air conditioner cleaning

Exclusive application form

2. Imokenpi 1 bag200g(2022 renewal)

3 bags ¥990

*You can order from 3 bags.

3.Toilet set for disaster Milet Suspended sales

  • 1 box 1,800 yen

  • 3 box set 5,000 yen

  • 5 box set 8,200 yen

4. Water of Shirakami Mountains Suspended sales

  • 2 L x 6 bottles set 1,440 yen

  • 500ml x 24 bottles set 2,640 yen

5. Kagoshima Prefecture Organic Mulberrytea Suspended sales

  • Ultra fine powder 1 bag 50g 850 yen (tax included)

6. Newsletter No.1 (Deadline: 2023.12.24)Reception closed

Tax included and shipping fee 500 yen per delivery address. 720mL except for (2) (2) is 500mL
Tax included/shipping fee: 500 yen per delivery address

(1) Toyonoume 1,950 yen (2) guruguru 1,850 yen

(3) Tenkei Blue Bottle 2,100 yen

(4) Hinodeno Ikioimasamune 1,700 yen

(5) Hanaippu 1,850 yen


Underage drinking is prohibited by law.

ASA Jiyugaoka does not sell alcoholic beverages to minors. ​

If the product you ordered cannot be secured due to being out of stock, being discontinued, or being discontinued, we may cancel your order. Please note.

7. Easy! Just place the mite sheet Suspended sales

Large board size (15cm×20cm)

  • 5 pieces 1,800 yen (tax included)

  • 10 pieces 3,300 yen (tax included)

​thank you!!

Your order has been received.

We will send you a confirmation email, so please check it.

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