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Social Networking Service

SNS policy

We will use SNS (Social Networking Service) as one of the tools for communicating with subscribers and local residents. In addition, we will operate based on the SNS policy when using it.

1. Purpose of this Policy

  1. Facilitate communication by appropriate means.

  2. We will provide accurate information to our subscribers and local residents when using SNS.

  3. When using SNS, always have awareness and responsibility as ASA Jiyugaoka.

2. Basic stance on using social media

  1. Clarify the purpose of your communication and provide valuable information.

  2. Use plain language.

  3. Understand the characteristics of digital tools, such as immediate transmission and irrevocability.

  4. Respect your privacy.

  5. We will consider copyright protection.

List of official accounts

1. X (Twitter)

3. Instagram

4.  Threads

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