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End of sale[Thank you for your patronage] Pre-sale "Moringa and hazelnut cookies"

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Pre-sale limited to readers from "JIYUGAOKA ROLLYA" by Hironobu Tsujiguchi!

This is a guide to cookies using "Moringa" from Ishigaki Island, which is attracting attention as a superfood.

▼ Lineup

Insertion date: January 11th (Tuesday) Orders start from 1/9
Order deadline: Wednesday, January 19th
Delivery date: Thursday, February 3
Shipping included / Asahi points eligible / Neighboring residents can also order

Moringa and hazelnut cookies (7 pieces per box)

1,960 yen (tax included, shipping included)

✔ Target for Asahi points
✔ Neighboring residents can also order

~ About Moringa ~

Contains over 90 nutrients and over 46 antioxidants.

Many effects such as aging care effect and diet effect can be expected.

This cookie uses hazelnuts that contain nutrients such as brown sugar, minerals and vitamins that have the effect of suppressing the rise in blood sugar levels.

Size: 5 x 5 x 1 cm (1 cookie)
Allergies: flour, milk
Expiration date: 20 days
Storage method: Store at 20 degrees or less, avoiding high temperature and humidity and direct sunlight.


Shipping included / Asahi points eligible / Neighboring residents can also order

Orders start from 1/9

■ Delivery

Thursday, February 3

* As the product is raw, please stay at home on the day of delivery.

■ Payment

Cash on delivery at the time of delivery

■ How to order (2022.1.19 deadline)

Store / phone / email / fax

Store: ASA Jiyugaoka, 2-23-13 Midorigaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-0034

Phone: 03-3717-5957 (ASA Jiyugaoka)


FAX: 03-3724-2108

■ Returns and exchanges

We do our best to control quality, but if you have any problems, please contact us. However, please note that we cannot accept returns due to customer's convenience.

■ Handling of personal information

Our ASA will properly manage your personal information based on the Personal Information Protection Law, and will use it for product delivery, collection of money, and service guidance. We will not make any business calls from JIYUGAOKA ROLLYA. Please be careful about spoofing business.

Feel free to contact us!

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