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[Preserved version] Sweets education special issue! ASUN jiyugaoka-A new future from Jiyugaoka

The recipe introduced from April 2022 to March 2022 is re-posted in the insert leaflet ASA letter (issued on the 1st of every month)!

Please use it as a preservation version ★

You can see the recipe in PDF by scanning the QR code with your smartphone or tablet.

Printing is also OK!

* Access is recommended in a Wi-Fi environment. Communication data will be used.

What is sweets education?

Sweets training is the training of setup skills. Setup is required to create delicious and beautiful sweets.

In addition to the successful experience of making sweets, by presenting the sweets and providing a meaningful time for the anniversary by the sweets, you will feel the value and significance of your existence. Fostering such a small heart is the value of sweets education.

I would like both fathers and mothers to learn the method in order to convey it to various children.

Sweets breeding Flyer Special issue recipe
Click the image to download

02 こいのぼりロールケーキ Carp streamer roll cake

03 塩と胡椒のチーズケーキ Salt and pepper cheesecake

04 七夕ゼリー Tanabata jelly

05 りんご飴 Candy apple

06 スイートポテト sweet potato

14 フルーツサンド Fruit sandwich

15 ザッハトルテ Sachertorte

16 クグロフ Gugelhupf

17 ミルフィーユ Millefeuille

20 マカロン Macaroons

21 フォンダンショコラ Fondant Chocolat


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