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Measures against pollinosis-Newspaper "Wrapping every day" (to ASA Jiyugaoka subscribers)

\ For customers suffering from hay fever /

Please use hay fever countermeasure wrapping!

We will wrap the newspaper in vinyl and deliver it to those who wish to subscribe every day !!

What is hay fever countermeasure wrapping?

We will deliver the newspaper by wrapping it in vinyl.

This prevents pollen from adhering to the newspaper during delivery.

If you wish, please apply!

* Service for a limited time to disperse pollen

Customers who have applied before do not need to apply. "Daily wrapping" will start automatically.

If you no longer need it, please contact us.

ASA Jiyugaoka has been providing this service since 2008, and we have received many joyful voices from customers with hay fever. The reason was that I was wondering if something could be done from a casual conversation with a customer who said, "I'm having trouble with hay fever."

ASA Jiyugaoka will continue to listen to the casual voices of our customers and aim to develop new services.


<Regarding application for pollen wrap>

Customers who applied before last year do not need to apply.

We will automatically start the wrapping service.

TEL: 03-3717-5957

FAX: 03-3724-2108

Mail: (mail subject: pollen wrapping 2022)


For fax, the original text is fine,
↑ Click to open the PDF and check the contents.


Applying by phone may be crowded, so we recommend applying by email or fax.

If you have any questions about pollen wrapping, please feel free to contact us.


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