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Homemade honey recipe contest

Grand Prize 1 person
Cute prize 1 person
One person who wants to make a family prize
That's right, one person

Result announcement

Thank you for your application to the "Honey Recipe Contest for My Home"!

A total of 4 recipes for the selected award-winning works will be announced below. congratulations!

Take a look at the award-winning honey sweets recipe and try making it at home ♪

Best Excellence Award

Cute Award

Awards that you want to make with your family

So came award

Cute award

Recipe title

"Bear honey cake "

Recommended points from applicants

Honey is a bear, so there are wooden sticks and bears that scoop big honey. It is cute that the cream is marbled.

Grand prize

Recipe title

"Apples, sweet potatoes, carrots gateau invisible"

Recommended points from applicants

For apples, we recommend hard and sour varieties such as Jonathan. It is also delicious to put Camembert cheese with honey when you take out the dough.

An award you want to make as a family

Recipe title

"Sweet potato honey chiffon cake"

Recommended points from applicants

I thought about the gentle sweetness of sweet potatoes and honey that had been added to the honey.

That's it? Award

Recipe title

"Yatsuhashi Tart Mango Cheesecake"

Recommended points from applicants

I used honey instead of sugar and added dry mango to add richness. Yatsuhashi tart has a new texture.

Gorgeous prize

The honey produced by the urban beekeeping activity "Okabachi Project" in Jiyugaoka is 100% produced in Jiyugaoka without any extra sugar or additives! Winners will be presented with this precious honey and an eco-bag set designed with the image character "Okabachi-kun".

Scheduled to be shipped in early December.

Okabachi HONEY

Hill Bachi HONEY (100% Jiyugaoka honey)

Two gifts will be given to those who have won the highest award, and one gift will be given to those who have won the cute award, the award that they want to make with their family, and the so came or not award!

Okabachi-kun eco bag

Hill Bachi-kun Eco Bag

One gift will be given to each person who has won the highest award, the cute award, the award that the family wants to make, or whether they have come!


Hironobu Tsujiguchi

Pastry chef  Hironobu Tsujiguchi

General comment from Chef Tsujiguchi


In a short amount of time, all the works were heartfelt and wonderful recipes.

The quality was so high that I wanted to give a prize to all the works, and the passion of the author was conveyed.

Please continue to try new recipes and send out a wonderful sweets life!

~ Introducing the submitted works ~

Everyone's honey recipe

 #My home honey recipe contest 

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